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  二.单项选择 (本题共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


  21. Daniel is my friend. 1 like to share my with him when 1 am happy.

  A. joy B. happy C. sad D. secrets

  22. The Changjiang River is _________in the world.

  A. a longest river B. the longest river

  C. one of the longest river D. one of the longest rivers

  23. ----What’s the weather like today?

  ---- It’s ________ warm ________ yesterday.

  A. so; that B. as; as C. not; until D. too ; to

  24. I don’t like milk , but my mother makes me ________ it .

  A. to drink B. drinks C. drink D. drinking

  25. They had a wonderful time _______________ .

  A. chat on the Internet B. chatting on the Internet

  C. chat in the Internet D. chatting in the Internet

  26. We should have ______fast food, ________fresh vegetables and take enough exercise.

  A. fewer, fewer B. less, more C. fewer, more D. less, less

  27. ---- I’ve had enough bread. Would you like _______ ?

  ---- No, thanks.

  A. a few more B. one more

  C. another more D. some more

  28. He always looks . Now he's looking at his new drawing.

  A. happy; happily B. happy; happy

  C. happily; happily D. happily; happy

  29. ----Who did it better, Bill or Henry?

  ----I think Bill did just Henry.

  A. as well as B. as good as

  C. as better as D. more badly than

  30. ---- __________ do you play football?

  ---- Once a week.

  A. How long B. How soon

  C. How often D. How

  三.完型填空 (本题共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

  Mrs Smith is thirty-eight. She has two _31___. She looks very smart with fair and always tries to keep thin. She hopes _32__ young and never eats _33___ meat. She doesn’t want others to know how 34____ she is.

  Mrs Smith works in an office next to her home. It was raining heavily one morning. The head of _35___ office went out to join a meeting. The woman had ___36_ to do. So she began to talk with Mr Zhang about her birthday party. Mr Zhang is an old man __37__ glasses. He works in the same office.

  ‘My family bought me a fresh cake,’ said the woman. ‘ It smelled very __38__ ! And I put nineteen candles on it --- one for a year!’

  ‘ Really?’ asked Mr Zhang . He _39___ very surprised. ‘ How did you burn 点着 __40__ of the ends 两端 at the same time? ’

  31 A. boy B. girl C. children D. daughter

  32. A. kept B. keep C. keeping D. to keep

  33. A. some B. many C. any D. a little

  34. A. old B. big C. light D. young

  35. A. his B. hers C. their D. her

  36. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

  37. A. in B. on C. with D. wears

  38. A. delicious B. dark C. terrible D. well

  39. A. tasted B. feels C. looks D. looked

  40. A. all B. both C. each D. every

  四.阅读理解 (本题共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)


  Once Mr King had a cat, and he loved it very much. He called it “Sky”, because he thought “Sky” was the strongest name in the world.

  One day he had a meal at a restaurant with his cat. He met his old friend. He told him about his lovely cat and its name. His friend said, “How foolish you are! Sky is not the strongest thing in the world. My cat is called ‘Cloud’ because cloud is stronger than sky.” After hearing this, Mr King called his cat “Wind” because he thought wind was stronger than cloud.

  After a few days he suddenly(突然)thought that “Wall” was stronger than wind. And “Mouse(老鼠)” was stronger than wall. So he went to his friend to ask for an idea. His friend said, “Don’t you think ‘Cat’ is stronger than mouse?” “Yes, but...”

  The man thought and thought and then decided his cat’s name had better be “Cat” because a mouse was always afraid of a cat. Don’t you think Mr King is very silly(傻的)or funny?

  41. Mr King ________ his cat very much.

  A. didn’t like B. loved C. hated D. hit

  42. His cat’s first name was _______

  A. Sky B. Cat C. Wind D. Cloud

  43. He decided his cat’s last name was ______

  A. Mouse B. Wall C. Cloud D. Cat

  44. Mr King called his cat “Cat” because he thought _______

  A. a cat wa s always afraid of a mouse B. he liked this beautiful name

  C. the name had more meanings D. a mouse was always afraid of a cat

  45. Mr King gave his cat ________ names in all(总共)and at last he called it “Cat”.

  A. six B. five C. four D. two


  Leeds Castle

  One of the most popular places of interest in Britain

  Opening times

  Open all year round except 7th and 8th November and Christmas Day(25th December)2009.

  1 April to 30 September 2009

  Open:10:30 am—5:30 pm

  Gates close at 6pm

  1 October 2009 to 31 March 2010

  Open:10:30 am—4 pm

  Gates close at 5pm




  Children under 4:free

  46.Leeds Castle is closed on _________.

  A.7th January B.8th August C.25th December D.1st April

  47.John and Mary will take their three-year old son to Leeds Castle.How much should they pay?

  A.£33. B.£16.50. C.£26. D.£9.50.

  48.What time does Leeds Castle close on 29th October?

  A.6 pm. B.6:30 pm. C.5:30 pm. D.5 pm.


  Michael Jordan is the most famous basketball player in the world. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He didn' t like to t alk to other people about himself. He was also very short. He didn't play very well when he joined the basketball team in his high school at first. But the next year things changed greatly for him as he grew much taller.

  Michael Jordan became famous when he joined the university basketball team in North Carolina. Michael used his speed and strength 力量 to reach the basket again. He played so well that people called him “Air Jordan”.

  After college, Michael became a basketball team member in the Chicago Bulls. The NBA was very surprised at this high-flying player. He was named “Rookie” 新秀 of the year in 1985 and “Most Valuable 价值的 Player” in 1987. He once set a record 创纪录 by getting 63 points in one game.

  49. He began to become famous in _____________.

  A. the university basketball team B. the NBA

  C. his high school at first D. the Chicago Bulls

  50. He is often called“__________”.

  A. Rookie    B. the NBA    C. Air Jordan   D. Most Valuable Player

  51. The NBA was very surprised at the superstar when _________.

  A. he was young B. he joined the basketball team in his high school

  C. he joined the university basketball team D. he joined the Chicago Bulls


  Each morning a rich man found a poor man sitting on a park bench 长凳. The poor man always sat there, looking at the big hotel in which the rich m an lived. One day the rich man got out of his car and said to the poor man, “Excuse me, but I just want to know why you sit here and look at my hotel every morning.” “Sir”, said the poor man, “I am a failure 失败者. I have no money, no family, no home. I sleep on this bench, and every night I dream that one day I'll sleep in that hotel.” The rich man said, “Ton ight your dream will come true. I'll pay for the best room in that hotel for you for a whole month.

  A few days later, the rich man went by the poor man's room to ask him how he was enjoying himself. To his surprise, he found that the man had moved out of the hotel, back to his park bench. When the rich man asked why, the poor man said, “you see, when I am down here sleeping on my bench, I dream I'm up there, in that big hotel. It's a wonderful dream. But when I was up there, I dreamed I was back to this cold bench. It was a terrible dream, and I couldn't get any sleep at all.”

  52. The poor man lived in ________ before he met the rich man.

  A. the hotel B. his home C. the park D. the car

  53. Every morning, the poor man sat on the bench and __________.

  A. waited for the rich man B. looked at the rich man's hotel

  C. looked at the rich man's car D. enjoyed the clean air

  54. Every night the poor man dreamed of _____________.

  A. sleeping in that hotel B. becoming rich

  C. owning that hotel D. being the rich man's friend

  55. The poor man moved out of the hotel because __________.

  A. he didn't want to live in such a fine room B. he didn't like the rich man

  C. he couldn't pay for the room D. he couldn't get any sleep at all there

  五、词汇 (本题共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)

  A. 根据句意,中文提示或英文释义,写出所缺单词,使句子通顺。

  56.He is reading some ____________ ( 广告 ) to find a job.

  57.Though he is not as f________ as a superstar , many people know his name.

  58. My grandpa is 几乎 90 years old now. He is in good health.

  59.Of all the subjects, I like ________ 科学 best .

  60.People in Britain say “ film ” while people in the USA say “________ ”.

  B. 根据句意从方框中选出合适的词,并用其适当形式填空。


  61.He is very smart and can always answer questions ________.

  62.Of all the girls, Betty is the _________ .

  63.She has a pair of ________ eyes.

  64.The twins look the same but are not of the same .

  65. Sit __________ please, boys and girls.

  C. 根据句意从方框中选出合适的动词,并用其正确的时态填空。


  66.-- Jack, how did you go to work today?

  --- I usually go to work by bus, but this morning I ______ there.

  67.I’m very excited because we ________ to Beijing.

  68.Mille sometimes goes to May, when something _______ her.

  69.He _______ to help me with my English yesterday.

  70.Don’t make any noise.The babay ______.



  71. He looks smart because he has a square face and big eyes. 保持句意不变

  He looks smart ________ ________ his square face and big eyes.

  72. My uniform isn’t the same as Jack’s. 保持句意不变

  My uniform is ________ ________ Jack’s.

  73. Tom is a short boy with short hair. 对画线部分提问

  ________ ________ Tom look like ?

  74. Jenney is a very pretty girl . 改为感叹句

  ________ ________ Jenny is !

  75. I don’t think c limbing is as interesting as hiking. 保持句意不变

  I think hiking is ________ ________ than climbing.



  My 14-year-old brother John and I saw the coat at the same time. The thick black woolen coat was soft, and it cost only $28. We looked at each other, saying n 76 , but John’s face was shining with joy. Dark woolen coats were p___77___ with boys just then, and could cost several hundred dollars. But this coat was even better and m 78 _ cheaper.

  John t 79 __ on the coat and bought it at once. John wore the coat to school the next day and came home with a big smile. “H_ 80__ did the kids like your coat?” I asked. “They loved it,” he said. I started c 81_ him “Lord 老爷 John”.

  A few weeks later , something good h 82_ to John. He became more polite, more helpful and more pleasing. He was willing to lend his classmates his pens; he was willing to bring his father a cup of tea when he got home; he was willing to help a blind man c 83_ the road.

  When my mother told this to one of his teachers, he said, “It must be his coat!” One day, in the library, my brother and I ran into a friend. “Could this be John?” he asked. John shook hands with him, l _ 84 a gentleman绅士!

  I think John changed b____85___ of his own attitude态度. If you think you are a gentleman or a lady, you can become a perfect one.


  On Sunday , April 22, people all over the wor ld take time out to appreciate 珍惜 the earth that we all share. It’s Earth Day, a special day to learn about our planet 星球 and how to take care of it.

  On Earth Day, some people listen to speeches about the environment. Others help clean up their offices or save water and electricity at home. Your parents may even decide to take a day off from driving their cars.

  The idea for Earth Day came from a U.S. Senator 参议员 ,who was worried about pollution and the health of plants and animals. And the idea quickly caught on 流行起来. In 1970, t he first Earth Day was celebrated. More than 20 million people in cities all over the U.S. took part . Since then, Earth Day has been used to educate people about their role in taking care of our planet.

  Now , Earth Day has become a global celebration. In 1990, 200 million people from 140 countries took part in clean-ups, tree planting and other environmental events on Earth Day

  86. When is Earth Day?

  87. Who came up with the idea for Earth Day?

  88. How many people celebrated the first Earth Day in 1970 ?

  89. Is Earth Day popular around the world now ?

  90. What is Earth Day?


  请根据以下信息,以My friend 为题写一篇短文。

  Name Jenny

  Personality 诚实,有幽默感,保守秘密。喜欢帮助需要帮助的人。

  School life 在一所混合学校学习,学习许多不同的学科,学校每年有阅读周。

  Future plan 打算旅游 交通方式,时间、地点,计划哪些活动


  1. 不少于80词,开头已给出,不计入总词数。

  2. 语句通顺,意思连贯,条理清楚,字迹工整。

  3. 内容必须包括上表中的要点,可适当发挥。

  My friend

  I have a good friend called Jenny.



  一.1-5 ACCAC 6-10 ABBBA 11-15 CBCCC 16-20 CBADB

  二.21-25ADBCB 26-30 BDAAC

  三.31-35 CDCAD 36-40 CCADB

  四.41-45 BADDB 46-50 CADAC 51-55 DCBAD

  五.56. advertisements 57.famous 58. almost 59. science 60. movie

  61. correctly 62. slimmest 63. smiling 64. height 65. straight

  66. walked 67.will fly 68.worries 69. offered 70. is sleeping

  六.71. because of 72. different from 73. What does

  74. How pretty 75. more interesting

  七.76.nothing 77.popular 78.much 79.tried 80.How

  81.calling 82.happened 83.cross 85.because

  八.86. April 22.

  87. A U.S.Senator.

  88. More than 20 million.

  89.Yes , it is.

  90. It’s a special day to learn about our planet and how to take care of it



  1. Do you enjoy ________ photos? take B. take C. taking D. takes

  2. I have quite friends. I feel very happy.

  A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

  3.Mary practices     Chinese every day, so her Chinese is good now.

  A. speaks B. to speak C. speak D. speaking

  4.The English story is very easy for us because there are     new words in it.

  A. a few B. a littleC. few D. little

  5.There is ________ wrong with his eyes. He can’t see things clearly.

  A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

  6.---______ was your vacation?

  --- It _____ exciting.

  A. How; were B. What; were C. How; was D. What; was

  7.I didn’t go to the mountains ______the bad weather.

  A. so B. because of C. because D. but

  8.It’s cold, so we decided ______at home.

  A. stay B. to stay C. staying D. stayed

  9. Although he is very old, ______ he works very hard

  A. so B. but C. and D. /

  10.This time I want to do ____________.

  A. something different B. different something

  C. some different D. anything different

  11. Nobody taught me English . I learned it by .

  A. I C. mine D.myself

  12.The book is .I feel .

  A. boring , boring B. bored , boring C. boring, bored D. bored , bored

  13.Kate ________ her uncle last night. She did her homework.

  A. doesn’t visit B. don’t visit C. didn’t visit D. visited

  14.The mother having a talk about his study at school.

  A. feels like B.feels to C. seems like D. seems to

  15. The old man is well because he often_______.

  A. exercises B. drinks C. sleeps D. play

  16 .Li Ping always gets up early and he is late for school.

  A. usually B. often C. isn’t never D. hardly ever

  17. I usually go to the movies ________ a month.

  A. twice B. twice time C. two times D. twice times

  18._____do they play football? —Sometimes.

  A. How soon B. How much C. How many D. How often

  19.His mother wants him _____ at home today.

  A. stays B. stayed C. to stay D. staying

  20.Eighty percent of the teachers ______ women teachers in our school.

  A. is B. are C. be D. was

  21. If you have a toothache(牙疼), you should see a .

  A. dentist B .cook C. teacher D. nurse

  22.—What do you think of Tara?

  —She is________than Tina.

  A.much outgoing B.outgoing

  C. more outgoing D.more much outgoing

  23. Where she on vacation?

  A.did go B. does go

  C.did went D.does went

  24.Tom, your father is waiting ________ you at the school gate学校门口.

  A. for B. at C. with D. as

  25.—Steven, can you help me buy some meat?

  — ________,I like shopping.

  A. That’s right B. Sorry C. Of course D. You’re welcome


  Molly spent her summer vacation in China with her parents last year. They visited a lot of famous __ 1__, such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. She __ 2__ Beijing for a week. She __ 3__ the Palace Museum, the Great Wall, Tian’an Men Square __ 4__ the Summer Palace. They __ 5__ went to the zoos and the parks._ 6__ was cloudy, but not rainy, so it _ 7__ not too hot. They __ 8__ great fun playing in the zoos and the parks. Molly learnt a lot __ 9__ Chinese history. She said, “It is interesting to visit China. I __ 10__ China very much.”

  1. A. parks B. gardens C. cities D. countries

  2. A. stayed B. stayed in C. lived D. lived at

  3. A. made B. cried C. felt D. visited

  4. A. and B.Or C. But D. until

  5. A. too B. either C. so D. also

  6. A. It B. This C. That D. They

  7. A. is B. are C. were D. was

  8. A. have B. did C. had D. do

  9. A. about B. at C. for D. in

  10. A. hope B. visit D. Decide



  Liu Xiang is a famous runner in the world. He was the winner获胜者 of the Athens Olympics雅典奥运会 . The Chinese people are proud 自豪 of him. He is a hard-working young man. He is still strong and healthy. Why is he in good health? He usually gets up early in the morning and exercises every day. He likes listening to music and he sings well. He has good eating habits. He never eats junk food and hardly ever smokes and drinks. He goes to bed early and sleeps 8 hours every night. He often says, “It is important重要 for health to have a good lifestyle.”


  ( )1. Liu Xiang is a singer.

  ( )2. He never wins the Olympics.

  ( )3. He doesn’t have a healthy eating habit.

  ( )4. He likes singing and smoking very much.

  ( )5. He has enough 足够的 sleep and he is healthy.


  Mary is an American girl. She is now in Beijing with her parents. Mary doesn’t know much Chinese, but she is studying it. She often speaks Chinese with her Chinese friends. Sometimes they can’t understand her, because she can’t speak Chinese very well.

  It’s Saturday morning. She goes out. She is walking in the street. She wants to go to the zoo to see the elephants and monkeys, but she doesn’t know how to get there. She asks a Chinese boy the way. The boy can’t understand her. Then she takes out a pen and a piece of paper(一张纸). She draws an elephant on it, and shows the picture to the boy. The boy understands, and shows her the way to the zoo.

  6. Mary is________.

  A. Chinese B. English C. Japanese D. American

  7. Mary is in______ with her parents now.

  A. Shanghai B. Beijing C. New York D. London

  8. Mary doesn’t know how to get to_______.

  A. the zoo B. the park C. her home D. her school

  9. Mary can’t speak_______ very well.

  A. English B. England C. China D. Chinese

  10. At last the boy________.

  A. can understand Mary’s Chinese B. takes her to the zoo

  C. shows her the way to the zoo D. draws a picture for Mary, too


  American children have exciting after-school life, a new study says. Many junior and senior(初中高中)students have lots of funny things to do in their free time. More than 57% have activities every day. 82% have activities at least four times a week. American students spend their free time doing sports, or enjoying arts, music and dancing. They like to have life outside school because they can make a lot of friends during their activities.

  11. What are American children’s life like after school?

  A. Unhappy. B. Exciting. C. Boring. D. Unhealthy.

  12. How many students have activities every day if there are 2,000 students?

  A. More than 570. B. More than 820. C. More than 1,840. D. More than 1,140.

  13. How often do 82% students have activities?

  A. Every day. B. Every weekend.

  C. At least four times a week. D. Every Sunday.

  14. American students ______, or enjoy arts, music and dancing in their free time.

  A. do sports B. surf the Internet C. have fun D. watch TV

  15. American students like to have life outside school because______.

  A. activities outside school are more interesting B. they can make a lot of friends

  C. they don’t like school life D. they are free to do anything outside school


  Do you have any friends? What do you think of friendship友谊? Here are some opinions from Ann,Pedro,Crystal and Roy.

  Ann comes from Japan!She likes to have friends who really care about her. She thinks a true friend won't leave her alone when she is in trouble. Besides,she hopes they can teach her English.

  P edro is from Canada. He thinks that friendship means giving. If you want others to care about you,you must care about them first.

  Crystal was born in China. She has the same opinion with Pedro. The real meaning of friendship is giving others something instead of thinking about taking anything back.

  What about Roy from Japan? He doesn't care about the looks of his friends. In his opinion,a sincere heart 真诚的心 is more important than looks. If you are in the same country with Roy,you can write e¬mails to hi m.

  16.Ann wants to have friends who ________.

  A.have lots of money B.have good looks to give gifts to others D.can help her with her English

  17.Where is Crystal from?

  A.America. B.Japan. C.China. D.Canada.

  18.________are in the same country.

  A.Roy and Ann B.Pedro and Crystal

  C.Roy and Pedro D.Crystal and Ann

  19.Which of the following sayings has the same meaning with Ann's opinion?

  A.A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  B.Actions(行动) speak louder than words.

  C.Knowledge(知识) is power(力量).

  D.When you are in Rome(罗马,do as the Romans(罗马人) do.

  20.What are the people above talking about?

  A.The meaning of friendship.  B.Their different habits.

  C.Their life.   D.Their working.

  四、按照要求填空(每小题1分,满分10 分)

  A. 根据首字母填空。

  1. He t_________many photos in Beijing last year.

  2. There are a lot of new b______________ in the city now.

  3. My mother didn’t have e_________ money, so she couldn’t buy the coat.

  4. The math problem s to be very difficult to work out解决.

  5. Please speak aloud大声点, I can h________ ever hear you.

  B. 用所给单词的正确形式填空。

  6. Some students watch TV ___ two a week.

  7. Most of them play sports three or four _________ time.

  8.I bought a lot of things for I when I was on vacation.

  9. The twins 双胞胎 look the same. But they also have some different.

  10.My mom is very busy. She has much housework to do.

  五、句子转换 每空一分,共10分

  1. Anna had lunch at sc hool yesterday.(一般疑问句)

  ________ Anna _______ lunch at school yesterday?

  2.Tom did his homework last night.(改为否定句)

  Tom ______ _______ his homework last night

  3. I exercise every day. (对划线提问)

  ______ ______do you exercise ?

  4.They played volleyball on the beach yesterday.(对划线提问)

  ______ did they_______ volleyball yesterday?

  5. M y father sleeps six hours every night.

  hours does your father sleep every night?


  Hello! My name is Alex. This year I’m 60. My living 1.__________习惯 are pretty good, so I’m very 2.__________健康的. In the morning, I usually 3.___________ 锻炼 for half an hour, and then have breakfast at 7:00 am. At 9:00, I often 4.__________阅读some newspapers. Sometimes I try to learn English on the 5._________网络. After lunch I 6.__________总是 sleep for an hour. Then I go to the park and do sports to 7.________ 保持 fit. I 8._________ _几乎不 ever watch TV in the evening. I never eat junk food and drink 9.________咖啡. I go to bed at around 9:00 pm. I do the 10.__________相同的 things every day and I live happily.



  假如你是露西(Lucy),你经常锻炼,养成了许多保持健康的好习惯,请根据提示词写一篇题为“How to keep healthy?”短文。提示词已给出,可适当扩充。

  提示词:exercise, play basketball, three or four times a week, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, every day, be good for, health, sleep, nine hours a day, habit.


  一、1-5CBDCA 5-10CBBDA 11-15DCCAA 16-20DADCB


  二、1-5CBDAD 5-10ADCAC

  三、1-5FFFFT 6-10DBADC 11-15BDCAB 16-20DCAAA

  四、1、took 2、buildings 3、enough 4、seems 5、hardly 6、twice 7、times 8、myself 9、differences 10、housework

  五、1、Did have 2、didn’t do 3、How was

  4、Where play 5、How many

  六、1、habits 2、healthy 3、exercise 4、read 5、Internet 6、always 7、keep 8、hardly 9、coffee 10、same

  七、possible version:

  My name is Lucy, I have many good habits. I like doing exercises, such as running, playing basketball, climbing mountains and so on. Playing baske tball is my favorite sport. I play it three or four times a week. Besides, I have a balanced diet. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, which are good for my health. And I never eat junk food. what’s more, I sleep nine hours a day, so I often have enough energy to have classes the next day. Now I have good grades in my subjects.

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